Oase HeatUp Adjustable Heaters

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Oase HeatUp adjustable heaters are robust, high quality, submersible heaters suitable for aquariums from 25L to 300L in both freshwater and marine aquariums.


  • 25w Adjustable Heater
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  • 50w Adjustable Heater
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  • 75w Adjustable Heater
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  • 100w Adjustable Heater
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  • 150w Adjustable Heater
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  • 200w Adjustable Heater
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  • 250w Adjustable Heater
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  • 300w Adjustable Heater
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Product Information

Adjustable bar heaters are a good solution for reliably compensating temperature fluctuations. A reliable thermometer and regular temperature checks are important for ensuring a healthy and constant living environment for the aquarium inhabitants.

The robust HeatUp adjustable heater from Oase ensures an accurate temperature level in your aquarium. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship it is ideal for continuous use and has a patented control system. These heaters are available in different sizes, depending on the volume of the aquarium. Simply match the wattage of heater to the amount of litres in your aquarium.

These heaters are very easy to install and come with a full 3 year guarantee.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 18/02/2021 13:02pm
    Oase 100w Adjustable Heater
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    Hasn't been running for long but so far so good...
  • Rating
    Date 03/11/2020 16:11pm
    Oase 300w Adjustable Heater
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    well priced arrived safe working well in my aquarium, easy to setup, easy to use
  • Rating
    Date 30/08/2020 12:08pm
    Oase 300w Adjustable Heater
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    Had one before just needed extra one
  • Rating
    Date 16/04/2018 07:04am
    Oase 300w Adjustable Heater
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    very good value for money