Oase Lava 20-5K

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This Oase Lava 20-5K creates a fantastic bell-shaped fountain effect, perfect for adding a soothing atmosphere to your garden while oxygenating water for your pond life. It attaches to most pumps via a 1½" BSP (British Standard Pipe) male connection, making for easy installation and removal. Depending on the power of your pump, this nozzle can produce a bell-shaped projection up to 60cm in diameter.


  • Lava 20-5K
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Product Information

What is a Bell Jet Fountain?

A bell jet fountain sprays water out in a dome instead of a vertical jet. It creates a water effect that is wind resistant and looks fantastic while helping to oxygenate your pond to keep your pondlife healthy.

Will my fountain pump work with the Oase Lava 20-5K?

If your fountain pump has a 1½" female outlet and a flow rate of 1,000-3,500Iph it will be compatible with the Oase Lava 20-5K fountain head.

How do I connect the Oase Lava 20-5K to my fountain pump?

You can use a 1½" pump attachment to connect the Oase Lava 20-5K fountain nozzle to your pump - it may require some force to create a watertight seal.


Effect Bell
Compatible Iph 1,000-3,500Iph
Number of heads 1
Maximum fountain diameter 60cm

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