Oase Lava 36-10K

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This Oase Lava 36-10K fountain head can transform your fountain into a completely different display, just by pushing it onto your Aquarius fountain pipe.


  • Lava 36-10k
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Product Information

Oase are renowned for their expert aquatic equipment, and the Oase Lava 36-10K is no exception. It works in conjunction with the Oase Aquarius Fountain Pump 4000-12000 range to create amazing water features.

The fountain attachment creates a "Bell" shaped water effect that can be adjusted to make just the right look in your pond, so it's a great for those with limited space. The attachment is easily installed and removed with little fuss.

Used in conjunction with the following Aquarius Fountain Pumps, this fountain head will achieve these diameters of Bell Shaped spray:

  • Set 4000: 90cm
  • Set 6000: 90cm
  • Set 8000: 90cm
  • Set 12000: 100cm

Key Features:

  • High quality Oase engineering
  • Easy to fit
  • Help you customise your fountain
  • Particularly suitable in restricted areas
  • Adjustable bell diameter

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