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  • Waterproof and powerful pond lights
  • Energy-efficient 3 W power LED, warm-white
  • Includes interchangeable optics for a beam angle of 10° or 30°
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What is the Oase LunAqua Maxi 3w LED?

The LunAqua Maxi LED from aquatic experts Oase, illuminates your garden and pond perfectly. The Solo unit can be used both in and out of the water to create your own light scheme, whereas the Set 1 is designed to be used externally, with multiple mounting options. Using just 3 watts of power, this LED light offers long lasting and cost effective lighting in a fully waterproof housing (to IP68). The Stainless Steel unit looks stylish and contemporary whilst offering a durable outer that will last and last. These compact lights look great installed on decking, around the pond edges or in a flower or gravel bed.


What are the features of the LunAqua Maxi LED?

The Oase LunAqua LED is an energy-efficient 3 Watt power LED that includes interchangeable optics for a beam angle of 10° or 30°. You have many options to customise your set up, with the option to either wall mount it, install it into the ground, or even submerge it (Solo Lamp Only).  With a star circuit and robust rubber cable, the LED comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The set includes a transformer to connect to another LunAqua Maxi LED so two excellent lights can run from one transformer. Dual mounting options are available as a ground stake and wall mounting fittings are included as standard.


Technical Information

Net Weight 2 Kilograms
Dimensions (L x W x H) 150 x 142 x 242 mm
Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz V
Power Consumption (Light Fixture) 3 Watts
Power Consumption Set 6 Watts
Light Flux 61 lm
Cable Length - 12 Volt Devices 2 (Transformer) + 5 Metres
Guarantee (+ Request Guarantee) 3 + 2 Years
Illuminant Type LED
Number Of Individual LEDs 1 Unit
Light Colour Warm-White
Beam Angle 10° -30° degrees
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