Oase PondoVac 3

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Pondovac 3 for your pond

Pond cleaning superiority for experts and enthusiasts alike, the Oase Pondovac 3 is a pond vacuum with some serious cleaning power.


  • PondoVac 3
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Product Information

For fans of the brand, it will come as no surprise that it was Oase that truly pioneered the idea of a pond vacuum cleaner, and no further surprise that it was the same experienced team that perfected it, allowing you the most hassle-free way to clean dirt and debris from your pond water.

Like all Pondovacs, this model plugs into your mains supply or garden power adaption and can be used much the same as your household cleaning vac, directing the nozzle to suck up unwanted debris from the water, and purify the worse of the dirt and grime that collects in it, leaving you with some crystal clear results when used alongside and adequate filter system.

A deeper clean with Pondovac 3

This model of Pondovac utilises a powerful twin-chamber system to effectively remove unwanted material from your pond to a depth of 2.1m (6.8ft), meaning even the deepest sections of your pond can benefit from a good spring-clean.

With a max flow-rate of 4000 Litres per hour, you can clean up the base of an average pond within the hour, and can be used uninterrupted due to the twin-chamber system, meaning you don't have to stop and clear it out every few minutes.

Mobility is increased too! Positioned on a specially made trolley, you can move your Pondovac 3 around your garden pond easily with it's wheels, and easily wrap and unwrap the pipework quickly for storage and quick deployment.

What can the Pondovac 3 clean?

Pondovac 3 has been specifically developed to handle string algae, fish waste and other large particulates in your water, removing them from the nitrogen cycle and reducing ammonia levels in your pond while making it look smarter and cleaner too!

Each purchase comes with 4 different nozzles too, each with their own speciality: Fine sediment, general waste, string algae and rock crevices.

What you get:

  • Twin chamber technology for interrupted cleaning
  • 5m vacuum hose
  • 2.5m discharge hose
  • 4 specialist nozzles
  • Integrated trolley for mobility
  • 3 year request guarantee
  • Ability to clean to depths of 2.1m
  • Cleaning power of 4000lph.

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