Oase ProfiClear Premium - Moving Bed Module

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Part of Oase's new and impressive ProfiClear Premium range of modular pond filter systems, pond keepers suffering from excess dirt and high concentration of ammonia and nitrites can really benefit from adding this ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module to their pond filtration systems.


  • ProfiClear Premium - Moving Bed Module
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Product Information

ProfiClear Preimium - Moving Bed Module pond filter

Best used with a ProfiClear Classic or Premium filter, added as an extra module in series, this is one big bio-filter.

Featuring Hell-X 13 biomedia, it features an impressively large surface area for cultures of nitrifying bacteria (the organisms that break down dirt and ammonia in your pond) to develop on. Even better, it's moving bed design keeps the media effectively in suspension, moving the media around to make bring it into greater contact with the water, making it more effective.

It's like making a cup of tea, if you just leave the sugar in, it will mostly dissolve over time, but if you stir the mug up with a spoon, you put more energy into the reaction and all the sugar dissolves in seconds, and the ProfiClear moving-bed module works in much the same way!

Easily installed into your new or existing ProfiClear system, it can massively boost your biological filtration capacity, leading to clearer water, fewer algae problems and healthier, happier fish.

  • Protects huge surface for bacteria (806 m²/m³)
  • Bypass technology
  • Great for targeting toxins, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
  • Uses 50L of Hel-X Biomedium
  • Aerator bar helps oxygenate water
  • Integrated sludge drain
  • Suitable for Koi ponds
  • Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions
  • Self-cleaning function for maintenance free operation

ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module

  • Dimensions: 830 x 600 x 820mm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight - 44KG
  • Number of Sieve Elements: -
  • Number of Inlets: 2
  • Number of Outlets: 2
  • Max. Flow Rate: 33,000 l/h
  • Min. Flow Rate: 10,000 l/h
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Installation height above water level: 11.5cm
  • Type of Use: Gravity Fed or Pump Fed
  • Media: 50l Hel-X 13 Biomedia included

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Product Specification

Product Size Max LPH Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size Guarantee
Oase ProfiClear Premium - Moving Bed Module 830 x 600 x 820mm (L x W x H) 33,000l 180mm DN150 3 years

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