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The stainless steel Oase ProMax MudDrain range has been specially altered to handle large (40mm) particles and dirty water. As drainage pumps, these robust Oase ProMax MudDrain models can be submerged up to 7m and will quickly begin removing water via a 1½" hosetail. We stock a range of Oase Promax MudDrains, each capable of dealing with a different head height, flow rate and pressure.


  • ProMax MudDrain 7000
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  • ProMax MudDrain 11000
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  • ProMax MudDrain 14000
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Product Information

Why would I use an Oase ProMax MudDrain?

The robust Oase ProMax MudDrain is designed for pumping dirty water out of ponds, tanks, cellars, and pits. These drainage pumps are popular with pond owners who want to drain their pond before cleaning, as well as those affected by flooding in cellars and other low lying areas. They are very tough, have stainless steel housings and are fitted with an automatic adjustable float switch, allowing them to turn on automatically if your cellar floods.

What makes the Oase ProMax MudDrain different to other drainage pumps?

As a dirty water pump, the Oase ProMax MudDrain range can also deal with thick or sludgy water, for a complete drain leaving most ponds, tanks and pools completely clear and ready for repair or maintenance. The stainless steel housing and adjustable handle of the Oase ProMax MudDrain offer optimal heat dissipation and adaptability - making it perfect for taking into any environment.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump or drainage pump, like the Oase ProMax MudDrain, works on a simple principle. Essentially, it is placed into a drainage pit at the lowest point in a pond or room with the entire area draining into the pit. Once the water in the pit reaches a certain level it will activate the drainage pump, through an adjustable floating switch, draining the pit via an outlet pipe to either a sewage drain or your garden. Many sump pumps, including this model, can also be activated without the automatic function float switch for immediate drainage.

How do I set up my sump pump?

To install your sump pump or drainage pump, like the Oase ProMax MudDrain, dig a drainage hole at the point where the water is at its deepest - as this is where the water will naturally flow. The hole can be as much as 7m deep from the water's surface. Install your drainage pump, connect it to a power supply, and then run a hose from the outlet pipe to a drain or your garden. Finally, cover the hole with a grate or similar permeable covering.


Maximum particle size 40mm
Guarantee 3 years
Maximum immersion depth 7m
Hosetail diameter 1 1/2"
Cable length 10m
Handles sludge Yes
Adjustable handle Yes
Automatic float switch Yes
Pump housing Stainless steel


Model Product Maximum flow rate Maximum fountain height Maximum pressure Power
42271 ProMax MudDrain 7000 7,500lph 5m 0.5bar 325W
42272 ProMax MudDrain 11000 11,500lph 7m 0.7bar 625W
42273 ProMax MudDrain 14000 14,500lph 11m 1.1bar 950W

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