Oase Pump Shield Net

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Protect your pond life with this Oase Pump Shield Net, compatible with all submersible Oase pond pump ranges. This net is made from a fine mesh fabric that prevents small creatures, such as fish, newts and frogs, from getting inside your pond pump. It will also increase the lifespan of your pump by preventing large pieces of debris from entering the impeller chamber.


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Product Information

What is an Oase Pump Shield Net?

An Oase Pump Shield Net is a mesh bag that is fitted around your pump to protect it from large pieces of dirt and debris as well as your pond life. The net is lightweight, durable and easy to fit.

How do I fit the Oase Pump Shield Net?

The Oase Pump Shield Net uses a drawstring mechanism, simply place your pump inside the net bag and close the drawstring around your outlet pipe.

Do I need an Oase Pump Shield Net?

If you have any wildlife living in your pond, we recommend installing an Oase Pump Shield Net to protect both your pump and pondlife.


MaterialMesh fabric
Colour Black

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 07/05/2020 09:05am
    Oase Pump Shield Net
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    As I said very quick response to my message, goods arrived very quickly,
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    Date 03/04/2020 08:04am
    Oase Pump Shield Net
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    Net is to keep small animals and weed out of the pump. It works. But the drawstring is very bulky around the neck once pulled out, leading to a poorish seal around the pump pipe The toggle does NOT hold the cord well and slips.

    However it one of the few products on the market to protect wildlife from being killed by a pond pump.
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    Date 25/02/2019 06:02am
    Oase Pump Shield Net
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    Delighted with this product as last year when the frogs in our pool were spanning a number got caught up in the pump. This year no problems at all. Works perfectly.