Oase Stepped Hosetail

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This Stepped Hosetail comes in two parts, the actual stepped hosetail and a separate coupling nut, which is ideal if you only need to replace one part.


  • Stepped Hosetail 1.5inch
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  • Hosetail Coupling Nut 1.5inch
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Product Information

The Stepped Hosetail comes with a female thread, and is suitable for use with 25/32/38mm flexi pipe, providing a secture and watertight connection. These are made from the best quality materials and ensure you can get the perfect set up for you pond.

Available in separate parts, ideal for if you cut your hosetail too far, or if just the coupling nut breaks, these make a perfect set when used together.

This comes with either one hosetail, or one coupling nut, and does not include an O ring at all.

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