Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K - Three-tier water fountain nozzle

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Whether you're looking to impress friends and family or customers, this Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K fountain head is sure to do the trick. This three-tier fountain head features 31 jets and a ½" BSP (British Standard Pipe) male fitting, making for a speedy setup with most fountain pumps. When coupled with a 3,500lph fountain, the nozzle can produce a jet height of up to 155cm and a width of 100cm - ideal for both aerating your pond and turning heads.


  • Vulcan 31-1.5K
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Product Information

What is a three-tier fountain?

A three-tier fountain is made up of three concentric rings of jets - the outer ring is aimed more horizontally, while the middle and inner rings are progressively more vertical. This creates a professional fountain feature capable of aerating ponds, lakes and pools of all sizes.

Will my fountain pump work with the Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K?

As long as your fountain pump has a ½" female BSP outlet and a flow rate of 1,000-3,500Iph it will be compatible with the Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K. Most high-powered Oase fountain pumps are compatible with this attachment.

How do I connect the Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K to my fountain pump?

You can use a ½" pump attachment to connect the Oase Vulcan 31-1.5K to your pump - it will screw in to create a watertight seal.


Effect Vertical jet
Compatible Iph 1,000-3,500Iph
Number of heads 1
Maximum fountain height 155cm
Maximum fountain diameter 100cm

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