Oase Pond Air Pumps

  • £5999.99
  • £26.99 - £174.99
  • £69.99 - £84.99
  • £209.99 - £229.99

Without an air pump such as Oase’s, the oxygen levels can drop too low in your pond, causing your fish to struggle when breathing through their gills. Because of this, you might find them on the surface of your pond, gasping for air.

Installing an Oase air pump is the work of a few moments for qualified electrician, and housing it (preferably in small wooden box to protect it from the worst of the elements) is up to you – get creative if you want! The compact design means they are easy to hide around the banks of your pond, while always secretly working away to ensure your pond has the oxygenation levels it needs to be healthy.