Oase Pond Algae Control

Their Bitron C series of UV clarifiers are regarded as the most efficient way to get rid of green water too! Green water is caused by single and small celled algae particles living in your pond water. Too small by themselves to be efficiently caught by your filter media, they pass through your filter too easily and never get dealt with.

Adding an inline Oase UVC to your filtration systems is the best way forward – as water flows through the device on the way to your filter, bright UV light is shone through it, killing the algae and forcing it to fuse together in bunches big enough to be caught by your filter media and broken down by the bacteria that live inside it – great algae control!

The surge in algae growth at the beginning of summer is quickly followed by a surge in sales of Oase algae control products, so don’t wait around to order yours to avoid disappointment!