Oase Pondovac

A Pondovac is a great solution – its like a vacuum cleaner for your pond! Capable of handling the sludge at the bottom of your pond, as well as all the dirt and debris created by the rest of your garden, it quickly filters out the nasty gung that develops over time, returning cleaner water back to your pond where your filter can handle the rest!

Without taking care of this decaying bio matter, your pond will eventually suffer from excess ammonia levels, released by leaves and sludge as it continues to degrade. These higher ammonia levels can poison your fish, and cause huge algae blooms that ruin the great look you’ve but your time, effort and money into.

A Pondovac can sort this out for you. Easy to use and maintain, it’s a real life saver when it comes to giving your pond that essential Spring clean, putting it in great shape for the Summer. Available at the best prices from Swell UK!