Ocean Nutrition Feeding Prong

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These Ocean Nutrition Feeding Prongs are a good idea for people who keep larger predatory fish - keeping your hands free from their biting range but allowing you to simulate movement in their prey.


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Ocean Nutrition Feeding Prongs are the ideal accessory for any fish keeper with predatory fish such as Oscars, Lionfish and Groupers. This handy tool keeps your fingers safe, and makes feeding your fish much easier. It is ideal to use to wean predatory fish off live food and on to dead/prepared food. The movement of the baited section will replicate the movement of live food to entice fish to feed. This handy feeder can also be used for turtles, newts, frogs and more.


To use simply attach the food to the prongs and use the 'wiggle action' to encourage the fish to feed.

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