Ocean Nutrition Tropical Wafers

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Perfect for tropical fish, these Ocean Nutrition Tropical wafers sink to the bottom to allow feeding at depth where some fish feel more comfortable, allowing them a balanced meal too, as well as your surface feeders.


  • Tropical Wafers 150g
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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition Tropical Wafers are a sinking fish food that are ideal for all tropical fish, especially bottom feeders such as catfish and clown loaches.

The formula has been especially designed to suit the needs of tropical fish and contains just the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals to boost healthy growth. The recipe includes krill, sardine, spirulina, and other highly nutritious foods which will promote the very best of health in your fish.

They are low in phosphates, which will reduce the chance of algae problems and keep the tank cleaner for longer.

Each 13mm wafer has thin edges, which makes them perfect for fish to nibble. The stable formula retains its shape well and will not cloud the water.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as much as your fish can eat in around two hours.

Key Features:

  • Sinking wafers ideal for bottom feeders
  • Exclusive formula includes all of the proteins, vitamins and minerals that tropical fish need to thrive
  • The wafers are made from a stable recipe
  • Easy to digest
  • Low waste
  • Low algae as reduced phosphate

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    Ocean Nutrition Tropical Wafers 150g
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