Tetra Pleco Tablets

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Tetra Pleco Tablets are a superb fish food for bottom feeding fish like catfish and other plecs. Featuring a rich nutrient profile, tailor made to plecos, this food sinks below the surface to wear these fish like to enjoy their meal, allowing them to experience their natural feeding behaviours.


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Product Information

Tetra Pleco Tablets food is designed for all types of tropical bottom feeders.

Bottom feeders naturally eat a high amount of algae, and other vegetable matter. So these quick sinking pellets contain a high amount of rich, green matter. They are also have spirulina algae added to boost a super healthy system.

The pellets can be added in one piece or broken up into sections, they will sink rapidly to the floor of the aquarium. This means that the right fish get what they need.

The Pleco Tablets are available in 36g units, which contain 120 tablets

Directions for use:

  • Feed 2-3 times per day, just a small amount.
  • For night feeders, it's best to feed with the tank lights off.

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