Pond Accessories

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Accessories help and advice

The little things that make your pond unique

Maintaining a healthy, flourishing pond requires a variety of equipment so Swell UK offers a huge range of supplies to make sure that your pond is in the best working order. We have everything you could need, including a fantastic range of pond accessories and decorations from leading brands like Oase and Velda.

What are accessories?

Pond accessories are a wide-ranging category made up of all the miscellaneous pieces of equipment you might need for your pond. Within the range, you will find handy tools like plugs, buckets and pond gloves as well as decorations, perfect for adding a finishing touch to your pond and making it your own.

Why should I buy accessories?

Each pondkeeper will find that they need a different selection of accessories, depending on their maintenance needs and taste in decoration. The tools and kits in our accessory range will help you to maintain your pond and hardware. As for the decorations, they will allow you to add a touch of personality to your pond and really make it stand out from others.

What are the main types of accessories?

We sell two types of accessories at Swell UK; pond accessories and pond decor. Pond accessories include all of the tools and spare parts needed to maintain your pond. On the other hand, pond decor includes our entire range of decorations for your pond.

What should I look for?

When it comes to accessories, it's really down to what you need for your pond. We encourage pondkeepers to browse our range and think about if each of our products would be useful for their set. The same can be said for decoration, simply take a look and see what stands out to you.