Pond Algae Control

Algae control help and advice

Rid your pond of unsightly algae

Algae can be a real problem in any pond. Left unchecked, the effects can be devastating, ruining the beauty and health of your pond. To help combat algae in your pond we have a range of effective algae control products from top brands including Evolution Aqua, Oase and Blagdon.

What is algae control?

Our algae control range is made up of products that treat algae build up and help remove it from your pond. Algae control products will either kill algae outright or force it to clump together into thicker pieces for easy filtration. Some of our algae control range even goes a step further and prevents algae from entering your pond altogether.

Why should I buy algae control?

If it's allowed to grow, algae will make your pond water cloudy and green, reducing visibility and depriving your fish of light. Over time algae will also deplete the amount of oxygen in the water, stressing your fish and any other pondlife. Most algae control methods are easy to administer and work quickly, making them a great tool in a pondkeeper's arsenal.

What are the main types of algae control?

There are two types of algae control we stock at Swell UK; blanket weed control and green water control. Blanket weed control is designed to be used to remove invasive blanket weed from a pond. Green water control focuses mostly on improving water clarity by getting rid of any small algae that might be creating cloudy patches.

What should I look for?

You must check the amount of algae control you're buying is right for the size of your pond. We sell a wide range of algae control kits each designed to be used with different sizes of ponds in different ratios. If you're looking to treat a particularly large pond you may need to invest in multiples of the same product.