Pond electricals help and advice

Claim complete control over your watercourse

All made to the highest standard, with your safety as the main focus, each pond electrical item from switch boxes to power supplies is designed to give you complete control over your pond. Here at Swell UK, we have a wide range of electrical pond equipment from leading manufacturers such as Blagdon, Seneye, Matsuko, Yamitsu and Oase.

What are pond electricals?

Lots of customers are surprised when they buy a pond pump and it comes without a three-pin wall plug. This is actually due to a bit of English law which states that anything that is to be installed permanently outside and in a pond must be hard-wired into the electrical circuit of the owner's house. However, while this can be annoying it also opens up the opportunity to set up a custom wiring system, such as a built-in timer or a pre-set display. Pond electricals are kits to help you connect and power your pond.

Why should I buy pond electricals?

Simply, you will at least need a plug adapter to get your pond pump running. However, you can cut the running costs of a pond significantly by reducing the amount of power being used with timers or the tactical use of a low-power mode. Our other electrical products also include dry boxes to protect any water-vulnerable electricals by the pond shore.

What are the main types of pond electricals?

The main types of pond electricals are plugs, switch boxes, controllers and dry boxes. Each does a slightly different job; plugs allow you to connect to mains power, switch boxes allow you to turn the power on and off to your pump, controllers allow you to switch between different pump modes and dry boxes protect your electricals from both water and weather. Generally, you'll need at least a plug and then maybe a switch box or controller and they will all need to be stored in a dry box.

What features should you look out for when buying electricals?

Compatibility is key when shopping for pond electricals, you need to be certain that any electricals you buy are going to work with your current pond pump. Apart from that, it's really about working out what is going to work for your electrical circuit and watercourse. We recommend planning out both electrical and water plans before committing to a purchase.

Are there any safety concerns when buying a pond electrical?

With pond electricals, you're working with both electricity and water, which can be deadly if mishandled. Always consult an electrician if you're unsure about any part of the installation and maintenance of your pond electricals.