Pond Biological Filter Media

Pond biological filter media help and advice

Harness the power of bacteria to clear your water

Pond biological filter media works by using its surface area to produce and house bacterial colonies that feed off nitrates and phosphates, both pollutants that can cause algae and other water problems.

What is pond biological filter media?

Pond biological filter media is a porous substance that allows bacteria to grow upon it. The media lets you build up a colony of bacteria that will remove certain dangerous chemicals from your pond water by feeding upon it. The media also filters out tiny particles of dirt and grime to improve the clarity of the water in your pond. The media often takes the form of ceramic, plastic or sponge materials that create a porous surface - great for bacterial growth.

Why should I buy pond biological filter media?

Pond biological filter media is a great, natural way to cleanse your pond of unwanted nasties and pollutants. As an alternative to chemical treatments, biological filter media is much safer for your pondlife and generally more effective.

What are the main types of pond biological filter media?

The big difference between the main types of pond biological filter media is the different materials they're made from. Some materials are more porous than others and will have a different secondary filtration effect while also housing bacterial colonies. If you don't have any other filtration media you may want to consider some pond biological filter media that offers good secondary filtration.

What features should you look out for when buying pond biological filter media?

Make sure you're buying the right amount of pond biological filter media for your watercourse. Most of the pond biological filter media sold on Swell UK's website is sold in various sizes so you can pick out the right amount for you. Past the material and amount of pond biological filter media, there's not much else to consider - depending on how visible the media will be, you might want to consider how it will look aesthetically, you could even turn your pond biological filter media into the centrepiece of your pond.