Filter Bags

Filter bags help and advice

Store your filter media in a tidy and efficient filter bag

Filter bags are ideal for holding filter media such as activated carbon and zeolite, or products such as barley straw and oyster shells. Durable and efficient, a filter bag is a great accessory for any pond keeper.

What are filter bags?

Filter bags are mesh bags that have large enough holes to allow water to get in but small enough holes to stop any of the media from getting out. The bags are loose so they allow water to surround each piece of filter media for maximum filter surface area.

Why should I buy filter bags?

When teamed up with powerful filter media, filter bags allow for the most effective filtration while protecting your pump from escaping chunks of filter media. This means that they will make your pond cleaner and safer for all of your pond life.

What are the main types of filter bags?

Each filter bag allows a different amount of water to pass through and is better designed for a particular size of filter media, ensure that the bag you buy is the right size for the filter media you want to use. Past that there's little difference in the filter bag range.

What features should you look out for when buying filter bags?

Focus on finding the right bag for the filter media you want to use, past that it's mostly about choosing a brand that you trust, and possibly a bag with a design you prefer.