Heron Scarers

Heron scarers help and advice

Protect your pondlife from hungry herons

Herons are a real problem for many fishkeepers as they can quickly decimate the population of your garden pond. To avoid this use a good heron deterrent to scare them away and keep your fish safe. We carry a variety of products designed to keep these pests away from top brands including Velda, Defenders and our own high-quality range.

What are heron scarers?

Heron scarers are similar to scarecrows, fake humans, birds and noisemakers that are designed to ward off herons and other birds who might want to attack your pondlife. Some are quite basic in design, whilst still performing a great service. The Velda Heron Stop Spinner simply spins in the wind and frightens the birds away. If you're looking for a more advanced solution try the Velda Electric Pond Protector Kit, which uses motion sensors to trigger alarms and blinding flashes of light.

Why should I buy heron scarers?

Herons can be devastating to pond life as they will eat as many fish as they can get hold of and return multiple times once they've found a potential food source. As large birds they can be destructive to your pond and garden as a whole, creating hundreds of pounds of damage. However, if you use a heron scarer, no matter how sophisticated, you can deter such damaging predators as they approach your pond and send them packing to pastures new.

What are the main types of heron scarers?

The two types of heron scarers are those that are passive and active. Passive heron scarers are designed to either look like a rival herring or a large predator and require no power or movement beyond an occasional gust of wind. Active heron scarers are triggered by the arrival of a Heron, usually through a motion detector and will deploy countermeasures like blinding lights and alarm noises.

What features should you look out for when buying heron scarers?

The biggest thing to think about when buying heron scarers is how they will look in your garden; pick a scarer that will fit into your overall style instead of standing out. If you are considering an active heron scarer, check the power consumption of the system as you will have to run it constantly to ensure its efficacy.