Pond Bio Filters

Pond Bio Filters Help and Advice

Create a healthy habitat for your garden pond, fish and plants

Essential for amateur and seasoned fish keepers, our high-quality pond bio filters are ideal for medium to heavily stocked goldfish and koi ponds. Keeping the water in your pond beautifully clean and clear, each filter uses bacteria to break down toxins. Whether you have a small or large pond, we've got pond bio filters from leading brands such as Oase, Fishmate and Evolution Aqua and more.

What are pond bio filters?

Bio filters remove all traces of grime and waste to leave pond water clean and clear. Using a combination of mechanical and biological filtration, these powerful filters ensure that every drop of water is thoroughly cleansed and use bacteria to break down toxins in the water.

Why should I buy a pond bio filter?

A good filtration system is vital to the health of your pond. Fish waste, debris and leaves create ammonia which is toxic. A bio filter keeps pond water clean and clear. It purifies the water using natural bacteria to break down toxins, providing a healthier and clearer environment.

What are the main types of bio filters?

From leading brands such as Fish Mate, Nexus and Oase, you can depend upon great service and performance all year round. Designed for ponds both large and small, we are sure to have one to suit your pond, whatever the size. For the smaller fish pond we recommend the Fish Mate Compact Bio Filter. Perfect for ponds of up to 1250 litres with fish (2500 litres without). It can be used with additional UV equipment and positioned at ground level. For a big pond, the Oase Biotec 30 Pond Filter works to clean vast ponds of up 120,000 litres without fish and 60,000 with. The interior of the unit is packed with a variety of media to cleanse the water easily and quickly. The various chambers ensure that as the water passes through, not a single particle escapes.

What features should I look out for?

A pond ecosystem needs continuous care and maintenance for aquatic life to stay healthy and thrive in their environment. When buying a bio filter, a UV clarifier is essential as it will control green water caused by algae. A green water UV clarifier sterilises floating algae particles in the pond water while mechanical media breaks these clumps down, leaving the pond crystal clear in a matter of days. Biological filtration allows bacteria to grow on media. This bacteria is beneficial: it digests pond nutrients and breaks down the ammonia and nitrates in the pond, clearing water.

What accessories should I buy with a pond bio filter?

Pairing a good biological filtration system with a skimmer will remove solids before water enters the bio filter unit. Creating an efficient circulation and filtration system ensures that the water is oxygenated and pond organic debris will be swept from the pond's surface and deposited into an easily emptied skimmer basket.