Bulk Fish Foods

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Bulk Fish Foods Help and Advice

Fuel for your fish

At Swell UK, we carry a variety of bulk pellets, flakes and floating sticks all packed with flavour, taste and of course the right levels of nutrition to ensure your fish thrive.

What is bulk fish food?

Buying bulk fish food is a cost-effective way of keeping fish healthy, happy and fed. From 1.5kg tubs to up to huge 10kg buckets, each can be resealed to preserve the fish food.

Why should I buy bulk fish food?

Bulk fish food is a great way to save money and ensure you always have a great stock of food. Each food delivers exactly what your fish need to grow and stay healthy. Made from a highly digestible formula that is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, helping to promote colour, good health and increased disease resistance, each food delivers exactly what your fish need to grow and stay healthy.

What are the main types of bulk fish foods?

It is important that fish have the correct type and amount of food, to keep them healthy and vibrant. The most popular food for indoor fish, flake food, isn't as popular for pond fish as it blows away in the wind. Food Sticks are the most popular pond food and are great value, but pellets tend to pack more actual food per volume. Pond fish should mainly be fed on floating food too. Sterlet and sturgeon, however, should be fed on sinking pellets as they are bottom feeders.

What features should you look out for when buying bulk fish foods?

As we carry a variety of types of fish food, you should look out for which type is best suited to your fish. Small fish should be fed small foods and large fish, large ones, so when selecting your fish food choose either, small, medium or large pellet size to best suit your fish.

What accessories should I buy with bulk fish foods?

Treat foods can offer variety to your pond fish. These can be fed alongside staple, growth and colour enhancing diets, as often as once a day in the summertime if you want to. From mealworms to silkworms, freeze-dried and fly larvae, we carry a large selection of treat foods here at Swell UK.