Holiday Food

Pond Fish Holiday Food Help and Advice

Enjoy your holiday knowing your fish are well looked after

Holiday food is ideal for supplying all pond fish with sufficient food whilst you are away on holiday. It retains its shape once dropped into the pond and releases nutrients according to your fish's needs.

What is pond fish holiday food?

Pond fish holiday foods are dissolvable food blocks that can be used as a slow feeder or supplementary food while you're away from home. They contain a patented formula for a healthy immune system, energy and vitality.

Why should I buy pond fish holiday food?

Pond fish holiday food guarantees total peace of mind while you're away enjoying your holiday. The food will dissolve gradually over a 14 day period, providing all the essential nutrients needed to maintain health and activity. It is 100% edible too and will not alter the pH level or hardness of the water whilst you are away.

Feeding guide

One block is enough to feed 10-15 medium-sized goldfish, or 2-3 medium-sized koi, for 14 days. If your garden pond contains a larger number of fish, we recommend using several feeding blocks.