Tadpole Food

Tadpole Food Help and Advice

Help your tadpole colony on its way in life

Full of natural ingredients, tadpole food will aid the development of your frogspawn into fully-fledged adult frogs and toads. At Swell UK, you can find tadpole foods specially formulated to give your tadpoles exactly what they need during the different stages of their life.

What is tadpole food?

Tadpole food is perfect for your tadpole colony in the early stages of its development. The right food will help them to develop properly and reach full maturity.

Why should I buy tadpole food?

Tadpoles require a balanced diet if they are to thrive in your pond. Therefore, tadpole food should be given to your tadpoles to aid them in their development from frog spawn to frog. Frogs are extremely good at getting rid of unwanted pests from your garden and their development should be encouraged.

What are the main types of tadpole food?

Some of our first stage foods are suited for hatchlings as well as 6 week old tadpoles. A tadpole's first 6 weeks of life are spent as complete vegetarians, spending all their time at the bottom of the pond. Sinking pellets mean the food should get straight to the little tadpoles, and provide them with exactly what they need to get started. Once tadpoles start to grow their back legs, their dietary requirements change, to become almost completely carnivorous. This is the stage where feeding a high protein diet will help aid their growth.