Rubber Pond Liners

Rubber pond liners help and advice

The ultimate choice in pond liners

Rubber pond liners are by far the best option for garden ponds. Their flexibility and durability make them easy to work with and very tough. We stock a variety of rubber pond liners from top brands like Gordon Low.

What is a Rubber Pond Liner?

A rubber pond liner is a thick and flexible pond liner perfect for long term or professional pond projects. While a little more costly compared to other materials, rubber pond liner is super tough and resistant to both rot and UV damage. We always suggest using a pond liner underlay with all liners as this protects against ground collapse and sharp objects puncturing the liner.

Why should I buy a Rubber Pond Liner?

A rubber pond liner is the very best when it comes to pond liners, they're flexible so they're a breeze to install and super-tough. If you're creating a professional pond or looking for some added peace of mind when building your home watercourse, a rubber pond liner is a great choice.

What are the main types of Rubber Pond Liner?

While there aren't really different types of rubber pond liners, there are a few different manufacturers of rubber liners. Each manufacturer creates their rubber pond liner slightly differently so their rubber liner will be a little more durable or flexible than others.

What features should you look out for when buying Rubber Pond Liners?

There's not much else to consider when buying a rubber pond liner. Just ensure you choose a liner with a lengthy guarantee that's also the right size for your pond (you can find the right liner size for your pond using our pond liner calculator). Finally, pick a suitable underlay of the same size and you'll have everything you need to get your pond off to a fantastic start.