Pond Paint and Sealant

Pond paint and sealant help and advice

The finishing touch to your pond

A concrete or rendered pond needs waterproofing to keep water from draining and protect your pond from lime leaching out. Here at Swell, we have a broad range of paints and sealants from leading brands available to perform a variety of tasks. Our pond paint and sealant range includes paints and adhesives for industry-leading brands like Oase, Black Knight and Bondaglass as well as our own products.

What are pond paints and sealants?

Pond paint and sealant is designed to create a thin, non-reactive coating that is sometimes used as an adhesive. Pond paints and sealant can be used for a wide assortment of tasks, including waterproofing rendering, keeping pond hardware in place and even changing the colour of your pond bed.

Why should I buy pond paint and sealant?

Pond paint and sealant is a great tool for any pond keeper. First and foremost, it's ideal for quick fixes and protects your pond from lime and other toxins getting into the water. However, it's also important to note that changing the colour of a pond bed with pond paint can completely transform a pond, allowing fish and plants to stand out better than they usually would.

What are the main types of pond paint and sealant?

Our pond paint and sealant range is made up of three types of products; pond paint, silicones and adhesives and liner repair kits. Pond paint is part-sealant and part-paint, meaning that it can be used to create unreactive, waterproof barriers. Silicones and adhesives are strong pond-safe adhesives that can be used to stick hardware in place or repair rips and tears. Liner repair kits are small sets of adhesives and repair patches that are used to patch up tears and punctures within a pond liner.

What should I look for?

You'll need to check that the amount of paint and sealant you're buying is right for the size of your pond, as you will need to apply it several times over to create a strong barrier. (If you're unsure about the amount of paint you'll need, you can use our handy pond paint calculator). Also, ensure that the surface you are planning to paint or apply adhesive to is suitable for the paint or adhesive you're planning to use to avoid further damage or disappointment.