Pond Planting

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Pond planting help and advice

Unleash your green thumb on your pond

Swell UK has a huge range of pond plants and the accessories needed for them to grow beautifully and healthy. Our range includes products from leading pond planting brands, like Velda and Moerings, as well as Swell's own high-quality products.

What is pond planting?

Our pond planting range contains both live pond plants as well as the baskets, soil and fertiliser needed to manage and maintain them. Pond plants are a fantastic addition to any pond as they make great decoration and help to disrupt the growth of algae across the surface of your water.

Why should I buy pond planting?

Pond plants take a small number of nutrients from your pond water while oxygenating it, making it much more habitable for fish and other pondlife. The baskets also make ideal hiding spots for amphibians like frogs and toads. Overall, they look great and offer plenty of pond benefits from a practical standpoint.

What are the main types of pond planting?

We sell four types of pond planting; plant baskets, pond plants, pond soil and fertiliser. Plant baskets are floating baskets with holes in them that allow plants to grow roots in the pond water to absorb nutrients. Pond plants are live plants that are specifically chosen for use in ponds and favour those conditions. Pond soil is soil specially formulated for use in ponds and plant baskets. Finally, fertiliser is a selection of fertilisers that have been specially treated to be applied in and around ponds without giving off any toxins.

What should I look for?

Buying plants and the various products needed to support them in your pond is much the same as buying them for any other part of your garden. Choose the plants that you think will stand out and look attractive while ensuring that they will have everything they need to grow and only require the level of maintenance you're comfortable with. It's always worth doing a little extra research before making a purchase to avoid disappointment.