Pond Treatments

Pond treatments help and advice

Maintain pond chemistry

Even the most carefully tended ponds can fall prey to toxins. Swell UK stock a broad collection of expert treatments, from market leaders such as AquaHydrotech Ltd, NT Labs and Blagdon, to help you treat any issues present in your pond.

What are pond treatments?

Pond treatments are chemicals, enzymes and bacteria that are added to your water as a treatment to solve a chemical problem and make your water more habitable for your pond residents. Most treatments are simply added to the water as a solution or a dissolvable tablet.

Why should I buy pond treatments?

Pond treatments ensure the safety of your pondlife while removing potentially harmful toxins. Some treatments also improve the clarity of the water, giving your pond a clear look that is absolutely stunning. By using pond treatments you can create an incredible garden piece full of happy and healthy fish.

What are the main types of pond treatments?

We stock a wide range of pond treatments including; pond dechlorinators, fish disease treatments, pond filter starters, cloudy water removal, sludge removers, algae treatments, ammonia removers, miscellaneous treatments, pond buffer treatments and pond salts. Pond dechlorinators remove chlorine from the water, which is present in tap water to make it safe for human consumption. Fish disease treatments remove disease from the water that could infect your fish. Pond filter starters contain the bacteria used to start filtering bacterial colonies. Cloudy water removal improves water clarity through a combination of chemicals, enzymes and bacteria. Sludge removers break down sludge so it can be filtered out of your water. Algae treatments either attack algae and kill it or clump it together to remove it from your water. Ammonia removers reduce the levels of ammonia in your water, which is produced from fish waste. Miscellaneous treatments cover a wide variety of less common pond treatments. Pond buffer treatments are used to alter the pH of your water by making it harder. Finally, pond salt contains a selection of minerals key to the growth and health of many species of pond life.

What should I look for?

Ratios and volume calculations are the key to all pond treatments. All our treatment products have recommended ratios that must be adhered to protect your pond and pondlife. If you're unsure of the volume of your pond you can check it using our pond volume calculator. We also recommend using a water test kit before applying a pond treatment, to ensure you're tackling the right problem, and after, to ensure the problem has been resolved.