Pond Maintenance & Cleaning Tools

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Pond vacs and maintenance help and advice

Make cleaning your pond quick and easy

Keeping your pond in a good condition is key to ensuring it stays healthy and vibrant. Swell UK have a large range of equipment from leading manufacturers such as Oase, Kockney Koi and of course our own Swell brand, all designed to help you keep your pond beautifully clean and tidy.

What are pond vacs and maintenance?

Pond vacs and maintenance products include all the pondkeeping essentials needed to keep your pond looking fantastic. As ponds tend to be outside, it's normal for leaves, dirt and other bits of waste to fall in, these bits of waste and debris can harbour dangerous diseases, algae and bacteria which can affect the health of your fish if left unchecked. Pond vacs and maintenance products help to defend your pond and fish against these external threats.

Why should I buy pond vacs and maintenance?

Even the cleanest pond with a fantastic filter system will become inhospitable over time as leaves, sticks and other external waste collects, introducing toxins and harmful bacteria while also clogging up your filter and watercourse in general. Pond vacs and maintenance products are easy to install solutions that will protect your pond and pondlife.

What are the main types of pond vacs and maintenance?

We stock four types of pond vacs and maintenance products at Swell UK; pond vacs, fish nets, cover nets and maintenance tools. Pond vacs are essentially water vacuum cleaners used to collect debris and waste from your pondbed. Fish nets are long nets specially designed to pick up and move fish while causing as little stress and damage as possible. Cover nets are nets that are set up across the surface of your pond to keep out waste and debris as well as predators, such as herons. Finally, maintenance tools includes a wide selection of pond keeping essentials such as pond gloves, plastic buckets and blanket weed brushes.

What should I look for?

Pond maintenance tools are a little bit like cleaning supplies for your home, they're a necessity and every pondkeeper needs to keep well stocked up on them. Ensure you have everything you're going to need for regular upkeep and maintenance and that you have plenty of spares in case of accidents or breakage.