Temporary Fish Ponds

Temporary Fish Ponds Help and Advice

Ideal solution for fish holding

Temporary ponds are ideal for housing and quarantining Koi and other fish. They are UV resistant and also prove invaluable when moving house or having garden work done.

What is a temporary fish pond?

Temporary fish ponds are commonly used as a temporary home for fish whilst their main tank is being cleaned or refurbished. They are used to safely move fish to a new pond or location.

Why might I buy a temporary fish pond?

Temporary fish ponds are the ideal solution for both short and long term storage of koi and other fish. These tanks are robust in design, and are of a modular system design that is easy to assemble and dismantle. The net cover keeps fish secure, provides shade and keeps out predators such as herons and foxes.

What can I use a temporary fish pond for?

  • Cleaning or repairing a pond.
  • During the refurbishment of an existing pond
  • When moving house.
  • As an isolation unit.
  • Quarantine unit for new fish purchases.
  • Quarantine unit for sick fish when treatment is needed.
  • As a permanent garden pond.
  • As a portable Water Tank.

What accessories do I need?

Heavy-duty pond nets can come in handy when carrying out various kinds of maintenance on your pond. Deeper catch nets make catching your pond fish for treatment or mobility easy and as safe as possible for your fish.