Prodibio BioVert Ultimate

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Prodibio BioVert Ultimate is a growth supplement designed for aquatic plants in medium to heavily planted aquariums.


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Product Information

BioVert Ultimate is a nitrate and phosphate-free supplement which provides your aquatic plants with all the trace elements needed for quick and healthy growth. It also contains phyto-hormones selected for their ability to develop plant growth, enhance vitality and improve leaf development.

BioVert Ultimate is intended for is intended for medium to highly planted aquariums with a small population of fish. Prodibio recommend this product is used in conjunction with BioVert Plus to give your plants all the essential minerals and trace elements they need.

BioVert should be used:

  • To remedy poor plant growth.
  • To avoid yellowing, splitting or transparent foliage in your aquarium.

Dosage: Easy dosage for small or large aquariums due to the dropper top bottle and simple measuring cap. Dosage for general (medium planting) once per week. This can be increased to every 3 days for densely planted aquariums. Dosage should be done after any aquarium maintenance and should be added after the filtration.

Available in 100ml - Treats upto 4000litres, 250ml Treats upto 10,000litres.

All Prodibio's aquascaping additives, including BioVert Plus, BioVert Ultimate, Carbon Liq and Alg Out, are used by and manufactured in conjunction with top Aquascapers worldwide and endorsed by the Prodibio Ambassadors Programme.

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