Prodibio Start Up

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Prodibio Start Up allows you to quickly start up, cycle and populate a freshwater or marine aquarium.


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Product Information

All aquariums require bacteria to clean the water and digest pollutants as well as organic waste, Prodibio Start Up is essential for any new aquarium and can be added:

  • 4 hours before adding freshwater fish.
  • 12 hours before adding saltwater fish.

Start Up contains BioDigest and Stop Ammo to quickly and safely start freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Start Up accelerates the setup of the nitrogen cycle by:

  • Trapping the harmful ammonia produced by fish by using Stop Ammo.
  • Installing the biological filtration by using BioDigest.

Once you have added the vials you must add a small quantity of livestock (max 10%) 4 hours after for freshwater and 12 hours after for saltwater. If you don't do this, you may have to do further doses as the bacteria rely on livestock for waste products. If water tests show Ammonia or Nitrite readings, then Prodibio recommend further doses.

Start Up can also be added before introducing new livestock into an aquarium. This not only boosts bacteria levels for new arrivals, but also protects the existing inhabitants by locking up any harmful ammonia. Prodibio's single-dose glass ampoule vials mean that products stay 100% fresh until you break open the vial.

Note: Switch off skimmers and especially UV sterilisers when dosing and then turn back on after introducing the first fish. This allows time for the bacteria to colonise the aquarium.


  • 6 x vials pack treats between 120 to 180 litres.
  • 12 x vials pack treats between 180 to 360 litres.
  • 30 x vials pack treats between 360 and 1000 litres.

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