Prodibio Stop Ammo

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Prodibio Stop Ammo is a natural binder of ammonia, which traps and stops ammonia in both marine and freshwater aquariums.


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Product Information

Prodibio Stop Ammo is a natural plant extract which neutralises ammonia and consequently limits the production of nitrite in the aquarium.

Use Stop Ammo to safely acclimatise fish, living rocks and invertebrates, including shrimps.

Use when water tests indicate an ammonia problem. Prodibio recommend the use of BioDigest at the same time as high ammonia levels are almost certainly caused by a lack of, or poor biological filtration.

Prodibio's single-dose glass ampoule vials mean that products stay 100% fresh until you break open the vial.

Dosage: 1 vial treats between 120 to 1000 litres.

Note: Switch off skimmers and especially UV sterilisers when dosing and then turn back on after 1 hour.

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