Profi Heaters

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Profi Heaters can be used in koi and community fish ponds to help heat the water up to a better temperature range, especially in winter where it can stop and area of water freezing over to keep oxygen available.


  • Heater 1KW (Stainless Steel)
    code: 38002-PH1KW Direct Despatch (Usually delivered in 5 days)
  • Heater 2KW (Stainless Steel)
    code: 38002-PH2KW Direct Despatch (Usually delivered in 7 days)
  • Heater 3KW (Stainless Steel)
    code: 38003-PH3KW Direct Despatch (Usually delivered in 7 days)

Product Information

Profi Pond Heaters are the latest exciting innovation to be introduced to the aquatic market. They are ideal for Koi collections and large pond keepers as they provide excellent performance at a great price. They can be used all year long to maintain the optimum temperature in Koi ponds to promote well-being even in the colder season.

The heaters are easily installed into existing systems, thanks to the threaded connectors on the inlets and outlets (1 ½"). The fully calibrated thermostat gives you great control over the temperature too. The sensitive heating element is protected by a Stainless Steel casing for long lasting performance and greater reliability.

If you are using a pump fed system, it is important to remove the hosetails and flush out the case of the heater using a hose pipe. Failure to do this will cause a build-up of debris and waste which can damage the element and invalidate the warranty.

For ease of installation it comes complete with wall mounting brackets and 2 hosetails as standard.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Stainless Steel casing
  • Comes complete with mounting brackets and 2 hosetails

Product Pond Size Max Flow Wattage Guarantee Max Temp Hosetail
Heater 1KW 5000L 20000L 1000w 2 Years 40C 25/32/40mm
Heater 2KW 10000L 20000L 2000w 2 Years 40C 25/32/40mm
Heater 3KW 15000L 20000L 3000w 2 Years 40C 25/32/40mm

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