Red Sea Coral Trace Colours Test Kit (L2, K, Fe)

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Test for the levels of the 3 chemicals that effect coral colouring, with this Red Sea Coral Trace Colours Test Kit (L2, K, Fe), allowing you the knowledge to accurately make adjustments to the water chemistry to promote a certain colour.


  • Reef Trace Colours Test Kit (L2, K, Fe)
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Product Information

Red Sea Coral Trace Colours Test Kit - This complete kit contains three tests to monitor the levels of Iron, Iodine and Potassium respectively. These elements are essential for healthy coral growth and development of pigments for beautiful colours.

Iron - 50 tests

Iodine - 50 tests

Potassium - 40 tests

This test kit enables accurate dosing of 3 of the Coral Colours supplements range, which are part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program. It's a good idea to keep the relevant supplements as part of your reef care kit.


  • Titrator for the potassium test.
  • 3 Colour charts to compare your findings.
  • 5ml syringe.
  • 1ml syringe.
  • Various sizes of test solutions for iron, iodine and potassium.
  • Full instructions and mixing tools.
  • All housed in a wipe clean, black plastic, lidded box.

For Further Information Please Refer To The RedSea Brochure Below.

RedSea Reef Care Brochure

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 02/02/2016 09:02am
    Red Sea Reef Colours Test Kit (L2, K, Fe)
    Feefo Logo
    Like all my Red Sea test kits and products, they are simple to use, give clear results and give confidence in my water parameters. Not the cheapest, but testing made easy.
  • Rating
    Date 20/01/2016 11:01am
    Red Sea Reef Colours Test Kit (L2, K, Fe)
    Feefo Logo
    very smart and easy to use consdiering complicated nature of these tests.
    tritation plunger is particuarly smart. a couple more vials would be an improvement