Red Sea Desktop Peninsula Nano with Cabinet

A versatile 90 litre aquarium which can be used for both saltwater and freshwater set-ups

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  • All-in-one compact 90L desktop aquarium
  • Ultra-clear rimless glass provides a superb viewing experience
  • 45 x 58.5 x 42cm tank
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What is the Red Sea Desktop Peninsula Nano?

The Red Sea Desktop Peninsula Nano is a versatile 90 litre aquarium which can be used for both saltwater and freshwater set-ups. The Desktop Peninsula allows you to create a perfect compact environment for corals and inverts. Its flexible infrastructure also enables you to create the perfect environment for aquatic plants, shrimp or tropical freshwater livestock.

The compact size of the Desktop allows it to fit nearly anywhere, with an elegant modern look that adds the right touch to any room. The bigger tank in the Desktop range, the Peninsula has the same height and width as the Desktop Cube but its larger depth adds almost 40% more to the display space. This additional depth is just enough to keep the system compact, but provides more room for your livestock.

What are the differences between the products in this range?

The Desktop Peninsula Nano tank is available to purchase with a marine-spec laminate cabinet fronted with weatherproof epoxy painted doors, convenient push openers and soft close stainless steel hinges. Desktop cabinets are offered with black or white exteriors.

What are the key features of this aquarium?

  • Dedicated skimmer chamber - for additional chemical filtration.
  • Mechanical filtration sponge - The Desktop comes with a filtration sponge that physically blocks the waste that passes through it.
  • Carbon - The Desktop is supplied with 100 grams of Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC carbon, enough to maintain crystal-clear water for the first 2 months.
  • Rear sump - The complete filtration system is hidden in the rear sump that is topped by a rotatable screen for easy access.
  • 225 Micron filter bag - removes large waste particles from the water.
  • Ultra-clear glass - Desktop aquariums have a rimless design and are made from 8 mm, ultra-clear glass, which provides a superb viewing experience.

What else do I need to buy with this aquarium?

Depending on your set-up, additional products can be purchased separately to enhance your aquarium experience.

  • Desktop ATO - An automatic top-off unit to maintain a constant water level.
  • Desktop skimmer - The skimmer provides sufficient filtration for anything from the most resilient freshwater fish to delicate SPS corals.
  • Desktop fish protector - Prevents fish from accidentally swimming into the rear sump.
  • Desktop circulation pump - The 950lph/240gph Sicce return pump circulates the entire system water volume about 10 times an hour.
Aquarium Dimensions W:45cm x L:58.5cm x H:42cm
Cabinet Dimensions L:45cm x W:45cm x H:87cm
Glass Thickness 8mm glass
Aquarium Volume 90 litres (including rear sump)
System Volume 77 litres
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