Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit

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Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit for marine aquariums allows for the accurate monitoring of your iodine levels - a trace element that supports the life in your aquarium.


  • Iodine Pro Test Kit
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Product Information

Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit: Iodine is a minor element in a marine aquarium, but it supports biological functions in many life forms including photosynthetic processes in macro-algae, anemones and soft corals.

Red Sea's research reports that iodine plays an important part in the production of zooxanthella pigments. It is also thought to prevent bleaching by detoxifying oxygen radicals during the photosynthetic process. This efficient test kit will allow you to check the levels and dose accordingly.

The level of iodine should be maintained between 0.05 - 0.07ppm, but never over 0.08ppm. A reading over 0.08ppm can be too harsh, damage the healthy bacteria, and irritate the senstive coral tissues.

This Test Kit comes complete with:

  • Titrator
  • Durable Plastic Housing Box
  • Colour Card
  • Full Instruction Manual
  • Dosing Spoon & Syringe
  • Iodine Test Liquids
  • 50 Iodine Tests.

High levels of Iodine: If high levels of Iodine are detected it is recommended that a 30% water change is to take place using RO water.

Low levels of Iodine: If low levels of Iodine are detected, increase it by adding Red Sea Success Iodine supplement. Maximum weekly increase of Iodine should be limited to 0.01 ppm.

For Further Information Please Refer To The Red Sea Brochure Below.

RedSea Reef Care Brochure

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