Red Sea Potassium Pro - Titrator Test Kit

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This Red Sea Potassium Pro - Titrator Test Kit allows you to quickly, accurately and easily test for levels of potassium in your water, important for the development of corals in your marine tank.


  • Potassium Pro Titrator Test Kit
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Product Information

Red Sea's Potassium Pro test kit is a unique advanced titration test, measuring the level of Potassium (K) in your reef aquarium to a high resolution of 12ppm.

This test kit will allow you to assess the correct dosage of Red Sea's Reef Colours B supplement (potassium) which is part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program.

Potassium plays an important role in a reef aquarium.It transports the essential nutrients straight to where they are needed - the soft tissue. It is naturally depleted in a well stocked aquarium, therefore it is essential to ensure that levels are monitored and restored as necessary. This will allow corals to grow in health, beauty and colour.

The kit includes:

  • Easy to Use Titrator
  • Durable Plastic Housing Box
  • Colour Card
  • Full Instruction Manual
  • Potassium Test Liquids
  • Up To 40 Potassium Tests
  • Glass Test Vial

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