Red Sea Reefer XL 425

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Red Sea have done it again with this beautiful Reefer XL 425 in either black or white. Stunning design, easy maintenance and unparalleled results!


  • Reefer XL 425 Black
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  • Reefer XL 425 White
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Product Information

Red Sea Reefer XL 425 in Black or White

Already well known champions of aquarium reef keeping, Red Sea's latest offering was already tipped to be a hot new fish tank, and they certainly didn't disappoint, leaving fish keepers with a beautiful option for displaying their hard work.

To say that the Reefer XL 425 is the smaller of the two new Red Sea fish tanks sounds a little mis-leading, its actually a bit of a whopper, measuring a healthy 120cm in length to give you plenty of room for some amazing reef aquascaping. Even better, this model is a touch wider than the old 350 model, by 7.5cm, which as any experienced keeper will know can make all the difference when it comes to a sense of depth in your reef design, and allows the accommodation of even more fish.

The Reefer XL 425 tank

Get stunning views through the ultra-clear 12mm (1/2 inch) glass featuring a rimless design with bevelled edges, allowing you the best bespoke options for lighting.

Having an open-topped rimless design means you can use the lighting YOU want to use, not just what comes installed as with previous Red Sea Models such as the S series.

Each tank comes with a perfectly matched and fully integrated water management system too, keeping your water level perfectly maintained at around 5cm below the lip or the tank.

A skimmer keeps your protein froth down and collects uneaten food, an easy access micron filter keeps the water clean, and an emergency overflow has your back covered - they've thought of everything!

Easy to maintain with Red Sea spares, everything is designed for convenience and low maintenance.

  • For added safety 12mm glass.
  • Integral surface skimmer.
  • Built in auto top-up in sump.
  • Volume: 332L.
  • Sump Volume: 90L.
  • Total volume (inc sump) 422L.
  • Size: L-120cm x W-57.5cm x D-55cm.
  • Height with cabinet: 142cm.
  • Recommended sump pump (not included) 4000LPH.

*Please note, this item is despatched on a pallet service. A contact number must be entered on your account for the delivery to be booked in.

Each Reefer XL 425 comes with either a black or white cabinet of flawless design. Easy to build, it houses all the important workings of your tank, as well as a little storage space. It features slow-close doors (x2) and fits the contouring of your tank perfectly.

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