Red Sea Reef Spec T5 BlueWhite 15000K

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Red Sea Reef Spec Blue White are T5 tubes that are designed to replicate the sort of lighting that would be found in tropical reefs in between 1-20m in depth, for more natural development of the life in your aquarium.


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Product Information

Red Sea know how to make the best of your tropical aquarium. Using a special blend of both white and blue at 40/60 ratio, the lamp has an optimum colour temperature of 15000K. This is great to not only show off the beautiful hues of your fish but will also encourage lush plant development.

The lighting will replicate the natural light found in tropical reefs and is perfect for corals. The blue and white light works to promote photosynthesis and lush coral growth.

The high colour temperature picks out the natural, deep colours of your fish and plants, showing them off to the best advantage.

Used in conjunction with Red Sea's range of aquariums, these T5 lamps will ensure the most professional, beautiful aquarium.

Key Benefits:

  • Colour ratio of 40/60 white and blue lighting creating a colour temperature of 15000K
  • Reproduces natural light found in tropical reefs
  • Penetrates 1m - 20 metres depth
  • Perfect for enhancing and illuminating the natural colours of your tropical tank.
  • Long lasting quality

Tube sizes:
24w: 24" (60cm)
39w: 36" (72cm)
54w: 45" (115cm)

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