Red Sea Reef Spec T5 Pink

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Red Sea Reef Spec Pink are T5 tubes have a unique spectrum which enhances the red, pink and purple colours of stony corals, making your aquarium stand out in any room.


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Product Information

Coral reefs, especially SPS and LPS, naturally contain pinks, reds and purple colours. These T5 lamps from Red Sea expertly enhance and show off these naturally beautiful colours to their best advantage.

Used in conjunction with the other T5 lamps from Red Sea, you can highlight and encourage photosynthesis and the natural fluorescence of corals and other marine life. This will allow you to see all of your sea scape in the best possible light.

Red Sea are renowned for their expert and intelligent aquatic products, you can rely upon their high quality and long lasting equipment for the best possible results.

Key Benefits:

  • Highlight the natural pinks, reds and purples of your corals
  • Reproduces natural light found in tropical reefs
  • Use in conjunction with other Red Sea T5 lamps for best results
  • Perfect for enhancing and illuminating the natural colours of your tropical tank.
  • Long lasting quality
  • Available in 3 wattages

Tube sizes:
24w: 24" (60cm)
39w: 36" (72cm)
54w: 42" (120cm)

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