Red Sea ReefClean Skimmer

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Red Sea offer a new range of Skimmers, all of which connect with their new technology enhance range, using their ReefConnect App, letting you control the whole setup in one.


  • ReefClean 300
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  • ReefClean 500
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  • ReefClean 800
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Product Information

RedSeas new Reef Clean skimmers come in choice of 3 sizes, suitable from 300l - 2700l tanks, allowing you to keep the water in top condition. This is all connected to the ReefConnect app, along with the rest of the new RedSea range.

These all feature an ergonomic design for the diffusion chamber, which allows the even dispersion of fine bubbles, created by the included pump, across the skimmer cone, whilst not affecting the air or water flow. It boasts quiet operation, making the use of the included vibration absorbing components, and also a large air instake silencer. Each sizes comes with 3 assembling options, for flexible positioning of the pump inlet and the regulation valve, according to your sump.

These skimmers come with the patented Foam-View window in the collection cup, so you can easily monitor, and therefore adjust the foam height if required. The built in quick release pump holder means its super easy to keep up with maintenace as well, keeping everything in top condition.

ReefConnect - a one-stop app for all devices, meaning your tank is under complete control - including the dosing pump, LED system, wavemaker and skimmer. This has a simple step-by-step setup, and is can be synced between devices. It logs the data for reference, and allows you to set up system alerts, to ensure its being checked at all time.

This comes in a 300, 500 and 800 model, meaning there is the right one for your reef system. These are due for release in the second half of 2018, and will combine on the app with the rest of the new RedSea range.

ReefClean 300

  • 18 x 25 x 53cm
  • SPS raing - 300l
  • Mixed Reef Rating - 600l
  • Fish Only - 900l
  • Pump - PSK-600
  • Air Flow - 500lph
  • Water Flow - 1000lph

ReefClean XL 500

  • 21 x 28 x 56cm
  • SPS raing - 600l
  • Mixed Reef Rating - 1200l
  • Fish Only - 1800l
  • Pump - PSK-1000
  • Air Flow - 750lph
  • Water Flow - 1500lph

ReefClean XXL 800

  • 24 x 2831 x 59cm
  • SPS raing - 900l
  • Mixed Reef Rating - 1800l
  • Fish Only - 2700l
  • Pump - PSK-1200
  • Air Flow - 900lph
  • Water Flow - 2000lph

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