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RedSea Reef LED, the next step in aqaurium lighting, allowing you to control the entire thing from a touch of a button, all through one app on your phone.


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Product Information

This new RedSea ReefLED is a 90W Plug and Play WIFI LED system, that has a dual channel LED system, with a layout that ensures coral growth should be at its very best, and ensure that the coral colours are at their very best.

Reef-Spec LED lighting provides Blue spectrum, which consists of an optimal combination of ultraviolet-violet-blue LEDs, which are designed specifically for corals to flourish, and research has shown that this really is all that they need. There is a combination of the 8000k white LEDs as well though, to ensure the overall look is more balanced and pleasing to view, giving a great overall appearance of around 15000K when at full power. The combined app means that you can use one of the preset lighting programs, including designs such as sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moonlights, random clouds and an acclimation program for new installations.

ReefConnect - a one-stop app for all devices, meaning your tank is under complete control - including the dosing pump, LED system, wavemaker and skimmer. This has a simple step-by-step setup, and is can be synced between devices. It logs the data for reference, and allows you to set up system alerts, to ensure its being checked at all time.

These are due for release in the second half of 2018, and will combine on the app with the rest of the new RedSea range.

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