Red Sea ReefWave

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RedSea Reef Wave comes in two sizes to choose from, and is part of the new range to be completely app controlled, giving you the very best in latest technology at the touch of a button.


  • ReefWave 20
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  • ReefWave 40
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Product Information

The RedSea Reef Wave is a new version of a Gyre wavemaker, with many new features. It comes as an easy assemble unit, for quick and simple cleaning and maintenance, to make life that little bit easier each time.

This wavemaker includes a sine-wave technology, meaning it is virtually silent. The controller has preset modes and settings, and comes complete with wireless connection, so it will be completely compatible with the ReefConnect app, controlling the entire system through one app. There are 5 wave patterns to choose from, including their unique forward/reverse/alternating flow modes.

ReefConnect - a one-stop app for all devices, meaning your tank is under complete control - including the dosing pump, LED system, wavemaker and skimmer. This has a simple step-by-step setup, and is can be synced between devices. It logs the data for reference, and allows you to set up system alerts, to ensure its being checked at all time.

These are due for release in the second half of 2018, and will combine on the app with the rest of the new RedSea range.

ReefWave 20

  • 22 x 7 x 4cm
  • Flow Rate - 7,000lph
  • Power Consumption - 4 - 25w
  • Aquarium Size - 60 - 120cm
  • 3m cable length
  • 15mm max Glass thickness

ReefWave 40

  • 31 x 8 x 5cm
  • Flow Rate - 15,000lph
  • Power Consumption - 8 - 45w
  • Aquarium Size - 60 - 200cm
  • 3m cable length
  • 20mm max Glass thickness

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