Red Sea products

Red Sea does an amazing job of making impossible looking reef aquariums seem easy to manage, and they have spent over 2 decades refining their supporting range of high quality marine aquarium products to allow you to get things just right.

Always a best seller, Red Sea Marine salt and reef salt is of the highest natural quality, allowing you to mix up huge amounts of pure salt water to support your marine livestock in the best possible habitat, replicating their natural conditions for health and wellbeing.

They range of marine-specific test kits are favoured by professional aquarists and amateurs alike, due to their ease of use and extreme accuracy, helping you to better balance the sometimes difficult chemistry in salt water fish tanks.

Altogether, this adds up to a fantastic range of products all geared up to the professional care of your marine tank, not only helping you get the right look, but the right balance, helping your ecosystem establish and develop into something truly beautiful.