Reef Octopus AQ Circulation Pump

An easy way to create water circulation in your aquarium

At a glance...
  • A powerful wet/dry aquarium circulation pump
  • Compact, low Wattage and 2-year warranty
  • A variety of models to suit all setups
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The Reef Octopus AQ Pump is one of the most cost effective Wet/Dry Water Circulation Pumps in the market today. Low wattage, compact in size and high in flow rate, these pumps come with 2 years warranty for the pump motor only.

Key Features:

1) Affordable and Reliable with 2 years warranty.
2) Compact in Size.
3) Wet and Dry.
4) Low Wattage.
5) High flow rate.

ProductWet/DryPower 50/60HZMax Head Height 50/60HZMaximum Flow Rate 50/60HZConnection Size (Outlet)Fresh Water/Marine
AQ Pump1000Both8/111.0/1.11150/1136 LPHø20(1/2″)Both
AQ Pump 2000Both42/452.0/2.12000/2203 LPHø25(3/4″)Both
AQ Pump 3000Both62/652.83300/3501 LPHø25(3/4″)Both
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