Reef Octopus AQ Circulation Pump

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Maintain a healthy and happy environment for your aquarium inhabitants with the Reef Octopus AQ Pump. Being low in wattage, compact in size and high in flow rate, this product is the ideal circulation pump for any aquarium set-up.


  • AQ Pump 1000
    code: OCPU110202 In Stock (Only 4 left!)
  • AQ Pump 2000
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  • AQ Pump 3000
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Product Information

The Reef Octopus AQ Pump is one of the most cost effective Wet/Dry Water Circulation Pumps in the market today. Low wattage, compact in size and high in flow rate, these pumps come with 2 years warranty for the pump motor only.

Key Features:

1) Affordable and Reliable with 2 years warranty.
2) Compact in Size.
3) Wet and Dry.
4) Low Wattage.
5) High flow rate.

ProductWet/DryPower 50/60HZMax Head Height 50/60HZMaximum Flow Rate 50/60HZConnection Size (Outlet)Fresh Water/Marine
AQ Pump1000Both8/111.0/1.11150/1136 LPHø20(1/2″)Both
AQ Pump 2000Both42/452.0/2.12000/2203 LPHø25(3/4″)Both
AQ Pump 3000Both62/652.83300/3501 LPHø25(3/4″)Both

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