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Reef Octopus eSsence 130 Protein Skimmer

Keep your tank clear of organic waste

At a glance...
  • An outstanding protein skimmer for aquarium cleaning
  • Many adjustable settings for fine tuning
  • Compact and easy to use design
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With 10 over years of cumulative experience in the design and manufacturing of Skimmers, the Reef Octopus eSsence-130 is loaded with innovative human centric features. It is 12% quieter than Skimmers of the same capacity due to its Integrated Silencer built into the Skimmer's neck. Coupled with a Twist and Lift design, this enables the user to quickly detach the neck from the Skimmer's body for easy and quick maintenance.

16 Steps Water Outlet Adjustments to ensure that fine tuning of water output adjustments are possible. Design with special slanting cut grooves to ensure an even outflow which minimises splashes.

25 Angled Grooves + Apertures on the Bubble Plate for maximising constant micro air bubbling, with a Vortex churn effect which extends reaction time.

4 Quick Releases at the Base Plate of the Skimmer allow User to quickly and conveniently access the inner body of the Skimmer, no Screwdriver needed.

4 Ultra Durable Silicon Rubber Base Attachments (Feet) are attached to the Base Plate, effectively reduces vibration and noise.

Key Features:

  • Twist & Lift Collection Cup for Easy Maintenance.
  • Quieter Operation with Integrated Detachable Silencer Collar.
  • Dome Bubble Chamber with Angled Apertures for Extended Reaction Time.
  • Quick Release Tabs Offer Convenient Access to the Inner Body.
  • 360° Submerged Water Output Provides a Quiet Splash-Free Discharge.
  • Calibrated Click Dial Water Output Adjustment.
  • Elegant Full Tapered Wine-Shaped Body.
  • Remarkably Compact Footprint.
  • Quiet , Reliable and Efficient AQ Pinwheel Pump.
  • 2 year warranty on the motor (1 year all other parts).

Electrical or other Certification

Pumps (AQ) - CE certified



Product Wet/dry Pump power 50/60HZ Neck diameter Footprint Height Output size Tank volume
S-130 Wet 10/11W 60mm 210mm 520mm Ф40 mm (1-1/4″) 600l

Skimmer pump

Product Model no. Wet/dry Air intake 50/60HZ Power 50/60 HZ Max flow rate 50/60 HZ Outlet
S-130 AQ-1800S Both 480/511lph 10/11W 530lph Ф25 (3/4″)
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